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24Hr Extra Life Fundraiser Marathon & Raffle – Content Upgrades & Milestones

Content Upgrades 😈:


  • Wear the Shark Head (Sean)
    • Repeatable
    • 5 min


  • Buys a braid in Sean’s hair, until all the hair is braided. Then we start braiding the beard


  • Everybody stand up, stretch and take a drink of water!
    • Repeatable


  • Choose Lipstick (Sean)
    • 30 min


  • Voices (Shelby)
    • Repeatable (5x)
    • 30 min
    • Hour cooldown between uses


  • Change Cosplay (Brandi)
    • Repeatable (5x)
    • 30 min and change out
  • Make your participant of choice the biggest cam for 20min
    • (Only once per person)
  • All participants wears masks
    • 20 minutes
    • Repeatable (2x)


  • Choose Eye Shadow (Sean)
    • 30 min


  • Painted Face like a Creepy Doll (Sean)
  • RingFit Hard Mode Mini Game (Woodrow or Brandi) They choose the game.Repeatable (2x)


  • Chubby Bunny Challenge (Sean or Kev)
  • Tim will write a song in 30 minutes based off your title, word that is important and theme.

* Only one thing can be triggered an hour and only can last 30 minutes.

** Each option can happen only once, unless otherwise noted. And no option can be repeated back to back.

*** Must be a single donation matching an amount above.

Milestones 🎉:


  • Shotgun Energy Drinks (Brandi (VolcanicDiva), Kev (KevShallPerish), Michael, Shelby (emeraldqueen92) and Woodrow (Woodlysnipes))


  • Bekah, Emily, Michael, Kev and Sean (Sharkims) will go vegan for 3 months


  • Brandi and Woodrow will give up beer for a month


  • Bekah, Ashley, CM-Myke, Kev, Sean, Shelby and Tim will give up Fast Food for 3 months


  • Sean will go on Weight Watchers and do RingFit 4 times a week for 3 months


  • Ashley, Bekah, CM-Myke, Michael, Sean, Shelby and Tim will give up alcohol for 3 months
  • Grand Prize 1 spec reveal and added to raffle


  • Ashley, CM-Myke, Kev, Sean and Shelby will give up Energy Drinks for 3 months


  • Sean and Jim will give up desserts and bread for 3 months


  • Grand Prize 2 spec reveal and added to raffle


  • Sean will expand his Weight Watchers and RingFit 3 month challenge to 6 months

* Overall yearly fundraiser total.

The following items are currently incomplete due to COVID-19 restrictions.


  • CM-Myke will bring his PC up to Sharkims for CPU deliding and cooler upgrade live on stream


  • Michael and Nate will train up and do a 20 mile walk, track with AllTrails and live Tweet the experience


  • Brandi, Sean, Shelby and maybe more will jump into the very cold lake in March live on stream