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Now Sponsored by… Cooler Master!

Today I get to announce something super amazing! I am sponsored!!! By Cooler Master! Legit my favorite company for years!😁😁

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Fundraising for Seattle Children’s

Last March we screamed past out goal of $2500 by raising over $5000! Join us at 10am Pacific on Saturday the 14th for our next event.

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Giveaways for supporters!

Yes it’s that time of the month! We’re doing GIVEAWAYS! Head on over to our Discord and enter in the #giveaways channel. In order to be eligible for these two giveaways, you must have donated some bits and/or subscribed to the channel for/in the month of January 2019. Yes 1 bit counts and so does […]

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Upcoming Extra Life Marathon Fundraiser!

Join us on March 23rd at 10AM PST for the beginning of our 24 hour marathon fundraiser and raffle. Last year we raised $4,330 in two 24 hour events. Let’s blow that number out of the water this year! Find out more here:

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